Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here Today , Gone Tomorrow .


Kandi Burrus , Fiance` Killed . . I'm telling you people , you are here today , & youre gone tomorrow . Its very sad that someone can take his life away . A father to ALL his kids & including her daughter , & a soon to be husband . Kandi posted several tweets last night . & everybody sent their condolences to her . Just yesterday she had to bury her Uncle . & for her to lose someone SO close , is very tragic . ALL my prayer goes out to her & especially his KIDS .

here are some of the tweets for the people without twitter :

• im just in one of those moods where i dont wanna talk, i dont wanna b held & told its gonna b ok. i just wanna cry myself 2 sleep, alone.
• I could never n a million years imagine this happening. please pray for AJ’s children. that’s who im the most concerned 4.
• im bout 2 giv my swollen eyes sum rest now. i just wanted to say thanks 2 every1 for their prayers. i gotta get up & go 2 my uncle’s funeral

her twitter is : , if anyone wanna send their condolences via twitter .



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