Sunday, October 18, 2009

For All Those Who Don't Know . .

Melody Eh$ani .

melody 2

She's one of the hottest designers in the game . Melody designs the DOPEst shxt . Ranging From ; rings , earrings , watches , shoes & even chains . I'm tellin ya , the girl is DOPE . I read one of her interviews from Necole Bitchie , & the greatest advice she gave was :

What is your advice to up and coming designers?

The 2 most common questions I receive from designers are where do I start?
and How did you get your stuff to celebrities? So I’ll answer those…
regards to where you should you start. My motto is that its easier to steer a
moving car than it is a still car. Just start somewhere! anywhere! go to your
local craft store, get some t-shirts printed, whatever it is that you want to
do. Once you open that door, it will come. But don’t sit there with your ideas
and not create them. Those ideas are worth nothing until you attempt to execute

In regards to the celebrity. For some reason people think that I’ve “made it”
just because celebrities wear my stuff. This is a fallacy *laughs*. I love
my celebrity clientele, and appreciate the fact that they see me but its not how
you should measure your success. Stylists are some of the most resourceful
people, and with the internet they’re on top of all the trends. So if you have a
product that’s relevant and to their liking, trust me, they will find you! But
as a designer that shouldn’t be your focus.

i think the chick is VICIOUS ! check out some of her work:




check out her websites :

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LaiParis said...

i love her

Ms. King said...

she is pretty kool...and she is jus popping up everywhere