Wednesday, April 29, 2009

dumb.weird///&& new

Hotnesss based outta D.C.
I first learned of this qroup/label via twitter....the name attracted me
yu can definently hear a STRONG influence of the BEP(black eyed peas for those slow ones)
on the track KameraWhore...which isnt such a bad thinq because ima HUGE fan of BEP
but then they switch it up to a more rock.,alternative sound w/ Futuristic Disco Ball 'n' See The World
i luv listeninq to upcominq artist as well as music when yu cant really define the sound
Check Em Out:
and listen below


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm The Shitttt , Up In THIS Bitchhh !

DJ Class .
Hmm ; I didn't really know who this person is .
Till i heard , I'M THE SHXT .
Heard it on somebody myspace or what not .
& hmm ; i thought this song was very different .
& of course YE' on the track .
It sounds BETTER then the original track .
So , if you KNOW you're

;*&desean .

Greener Feat Anthony Hamilton

Fonzworth Bentley @ Fader Fort
fonzworth ! !
my dream husband .
ran across this new song ; & i'm like . .
is this FONZWORTH ! ?
this shit is HOT .
LOVE the beat .
makes me bob my head ; like yeahhh ,
this that shit !
i think you'll like it . unless youre like simple minded or something .
she better then the last .
youre better then the last .
- greener // fonzworth !
;&*desean .

Do YOU Love It ?

& i ran across this photo of Solange .
& hmm ; i think the new look is . .
HOT ; i LOVE it .
Well , i love Solange too .
She's NOT scared of trying something new ; & she's NOT
living under Beyonce shadow anymore .
Beyonce is getting so BORING to me now .
Now Solangeee on the other thing ; needs to do BIG things .
i LOVE her & the new look .
gone head & KILL A BITCH .
ha !
;*desean .

OMHN FIles: "Hottie" sings Amazinq Grace

OMHN Files: Black people && Chicken


Monday, April 27, 2009

OMHN Files: Swine Flu!!!!

Beware of the deadly Swine Flu virus if u live in:
  • California
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Kansas
Yes people...this virus has spreaded all the way from Mexico.....WTF is a swine anyway (lOl)
but anyway cover up your sneezes,wash your hands often, and stay out of contact wit sickly people...wish a hoe would qive me a swine flu!!

Chanel && Kim K. spotted out///We loves Kims new look

Ciara Live @ G-A-Y

for those who don't know..G-A-Y is a very popular club in London where many celebrities have performed at such as Britney Spears, Kelis, Lady GaGa, Madonna and more
This is Ciara's 1st performance of Love Sex Magic.,btw i always love her live performances and choreography

Sunday, April 26, 2009

OMHN Files: Taj retracts previous statement

I know i recently did a review on Ciara's latest LP Fantasy Ride
And tho' I said every sonq was Good but not Great
...bump what i said.,i think the album is pretty damn AMAZING.
Now the sonqs i bulleted are def. my favorites but Ciara really takes me on a
Fantasy Ride
Support it on May 5, 2009
My FAV album of the year....yes ahead of Ryan Leslie and The-Dream
Now just waitinq on The Black Eyed Peas n Kid Cudi...hopefully that new Amy Winehouse or Jay-z drops before years out!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Auntie Wendy KILLIN EM!!!!

SOOO the numbers and ratings came in....AND..... New York based radio personality Wendy Williams is the TOP URBAN radio personality across the country!!! but then WBLS suspends her for a week but anywho.,LOVE it considering people like Big Boy's Neighborhood, Tom Joyner, Michael Baisden, and Steve Harvey
are on WAY MORE stations than she is...can we say internet listeners..i kno I DO.
take a listen below;

Movie Review://Obssessed

Let me just start out by sayinq Shout Out to miss Ali Larter for carrying this movie and makinq it at least entertaininq., I no lonqer want to see Beyonce' on another movie screen
Now i'll give it too her....when it was time for the scene to qet serious she did it well., But that whole fight scene just made me lose all hope in this woman's actinq career!!!
(SMH) when she says she don't want no 30 minute nookie.,or when Idris said we qon "cut loose"....Seriously....sad.
BUT with that said.....the movie was entertaininq so i give it a C......yu qo and watch it and decide for yourselves.....still (SMH) at 30 minute nookie
sidebar: "Hold My Hand".....stupidest line from the movie....yes i said stupidest

Friday, April 24, 2009


& no matter what ; you'll never take dhat from meeee .
this video is HOT .
it really captures your attention
& draws you IN .
of course hype williams directed it .
i can see this as NUMBER ONE .
sidebar : look out for [robocop feat. amber rose & paranoid feat. Rhianna!)
so be on dha look out for those two videos !
GO YE' !
i'm amazing , yeah i'm all dhat .
if i aint on my grind , then what you call dhat ?
- jeezy .
;*desean .

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Early Album Review////Fantasy Ride

set for release on May 3rd has just recently leaked in entirety!
Even tho majority of the songs have leaked over the past year.,tracks like "Like A Surgeon" and "Tell Me What Your Name Is" were just leaked.
The album is mixed for me.,,Dont get me wrong EVERY song is good....but this album doesnt compare to her 2 previous efforts "Goodies" and "The Evolution"....Im also dissapointed that the BEST song she recorded for the album "Im On" isn't even on the album...while another great track...Echo...will be included on the UK and Japan versions only!
On this album yu see her reunite with past collaborators i.e. Missy Elliott & Ludacris
w/ contributions from The-Dream, Chris Brown, Danja, Darkchild and more...
Favorite Tracks
  • Ciara to The Stage
  • Turntables featuring Chris Brown
  • Love Sex Magic featuring Justin Timberlake
  • Like A Surgeon
  • Work featuring Missy Elliott
  • Keep Dancin' On Me 
  • I Don't Remember

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Album Review///Asher Roth

Asher Roth's debut album is......OK to say the least!
i mean WHITE ppl will love it because they have an alternative to eminem
in my eyes he just doesnt live up to all the hype on this
hip/hop && rock fused album...BUT 
should check out
  • She Don't Wanna Man featuring Keri Hilson &&
  • La Di Da

nobody knows . .

-nobody really knows anything about this situation . nobody really knows where i stand with him . i been thru it ALL ; the rumors , the heartaches ; EVERYTHING . you only see whats on the OUTSIDE ; you don't know what goes on when i'm alone . NOBODY knows really . the lies ; the rumors ; the bullshxt ; the deceit ; the heartbreaks ; several nervous breakdowns . . all this needs to come to an end . i have to put up this front ; like oh , nothings wrong with desean ; desean's alright . *lol ; yeah i'm alright physically . mentally & emotionally ? i'm a WRECK . i done cried a few nights ; couldn't get any sleep ; couldnt eat . NONE of that . nobody knows but two people , i dont know who's gonna keep me from going losing my sanity . i really dont know .

-i'm TIRED of all the rumors ; all the he say ; she say bullshxt . rumors are stupid ; everybody has somethin to say , & after awhile ; rumors can really get to a person & fck with them ; trust me , i know what it feels like .

-i'm TIRED of all the lies ; basically samething applies for rumors .

-the bullshit ? ENOUGH said .

basically ; let me sum this up . i dont see why i'm stuck in this situation ; i really dont . & i can sit here ; & tell you EVERYTHING , but at the end of it all . youre still gonna point the finger & tell me i'm WRONG ; & i shouldnt do this ; & i shouldnt do that . but i didn't ASK for these feelings , they came . & if youre a human with a heart ; you should know , its very hard to control feelings . i feel better ; i put the shit in dha back of my mind ; but i'm still crying on the inside . i'm still crying ; i dont know what to say to nobody ; all i wanna do is WRITE ; & fade away . . i'm sick of EVERYTHING . i just wanna go away ; & hopefully come back & everything is GONE . & i DONT expect for anybody to feel me on this ; i dont expect for people to understand me ; because personally , half the time i dont understand myself ; this shit keeps eatin at me ; & i think i'm gonna eventually lose my mind . i'm hanging on ; by a wing ; a prayer ; & god . & lord knows , the wing is startin to break ; & the prayer ? psh ; only keeps gettin longer . i just hope i'm ABLE to get thru it all . i just hope everything goes away ; i just hope . . .

& they say ; BIG hearts ; are EASLIY broken .
;desean .

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'll Take These In A Size 9 1/2 Please !

Nike Air Trainers 1 QK ; Linen .
now i must say ; i am true nike fan .
& a BIG fan of the high tops .
i LOVE the bubblegum sole .
one word: dope .
;*desean .

Sunday, April 19, 2009


what you all been waiting for .
thats if you up on The Black Eyed Peas .
this song is featured on The E.N.D album ;
they're number ONE on the iTUNES chart .
passin up miley cyrus ; & ladyy gaga .
check it out !
this video is H O T .
no lie .
sidebar: me & taj can NOT wait till they album drop .
i'm so 3008 youre so 200-& late . - fergie .
this our shittt !
;*desean .
another sidebar : follow us on this twitter adventure .
taj has became a freakin twitter addict .
i dont see how he does it .
i think ima have to get this twitter fling a good look at .

Friday, April 17, 2009

Louis Vuitton Don

So why not throw your naked girlfriend in that photoshoot ?

Well ; me personally , i think the ad is okay .
the first picture is hot .
he really looks sexy .
the LV shoes are whats up .
he really didnt give us an actual look at the shoes .
but i like it none the less .
i think if you cropped amber out of the first picture .
it'll still be hot .
i guess amber is really tryna focus on getting her model career
to a high point .
hmmm .
;*desean .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

are Y O U Interested ?

Well ; me & my fellow blogging buddy has decided
to find a third person to help us blog .
if you're interested in blogging ; & helpin us with our site .
please contact us .
thanksss !

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OMHN Files: Dominoes Pizza...JUSS WATCH

OMHN Files: Jamie Foxx goes in on Miley Cyrus

Jamie Foxx and the Foxxhole crew
(his satellite radio show)
says some HARSH and CRUEL things about miss Hannah Montana
idc how someone may aggitate you but i think for a 40 yr.old man to speak that way on a 16 yr.old girl whos clockin more dollars than him and hasn't done him anything is CHILDISH
but...cant get mad @ ppl 4 speaking their minds

BTW...Jamie is officially on my sh*t list.........                            -Taj.,MahaL 

BowWow Quits rapping....(Amen)

Catch the below video of Bow explaining how he's quitting the rap game.
I mean but its kinda loooong so skip thru it....LAME
Then he talks about doing a clothing line......if 31,000 ppl pic up your album
(less than the people who picked up Mims)
HAHA he realizes nobodys diggin his sound anymore...
Soulja boy next anyone???


Monday, April 13, 2009

& you say you're a TWITTER !

so whats all this talk about TWITTER ?
Well , i been signed up for twitter every since like . .
january 21 , 2009 .
& i must say ; twitter has hit the fan .
i mean ; you have EVERYBODY on there .
even your favorite celebs .
at first i didnt care too much about twitter .
but it seems as if people are really lovin this shit .
sooo you know what ?
how bout you follow me & taj on this journey of twitter .
who knows what you may find ?

LaDiDa...when i cant take it no more!

Never really gave this kidd Asher Roth to much attention

but when i heard this song on MTVs spring break program.....i was HOOKED

(audio quality not the best but hey)


Saturday, April 11, 2009

I know i'm kind of late blogging this . .

Edot Dizzy
Dizzyana CoverTrack Listing
Well , i didn't know if i was suppose to blog about his mixtape or not
till i seen on his blog & he was like , he wanted people to blog .
soo , here i go ! well , i been reading Dizzy blog for a while now . the dude is REAL .
i LOVE reading his blogs , it gives me a different outlook on some things he blogs about .
he basically blogs about anything you discuss with ya friends . relationships . . insecure ass females . . cheatin ass people . . you name it ? he blogs it .
till i ran up on his mixtape ; & i was like , ahhhh this nigga verses gotta be whats up . so i downloaded it ; synced it to the itouch , & im like damn . this shxt is the truth ; let me put this shxt on repeat . i think you all should tune in . his mixtape contains NO HOOKS . why NO HOOKS ? cause he wants YALL to focus on the verses more than the hooks ; now a days , its all about a hook , but this mixtape here nigga ? no hooks ; straight spit action . & i LOVE it , i adore it ; i appreciate it , i embrace it .
SO DO ME & HIM A FAVOR & D 0 W N L 0 A D !

;desean *

Friday, April 10, 2009

is this is what we're going for now ?



cassie . . .
well , she wanted to be different .
& go for the whole " rockstar "
theme .
oh yes cassie , you really have out did yourself .
sidebar: check out the nails ; the watch ; & the shades .
;desean .

i LuV England///Mr Hudson "There Will Be Tears"

GOOD Music


Naomi Campbell does GIANT

Sexy ass MiLf
Cop the new issue of your Black entertainers

KanYeezy &&. Rihanna to Launch Fragrances

Parlux Fragrances, Inc. announced this week that it has partnered with Jay-Z’s licensing company, Iconic Fragrances LLC, to release branded perfumes and colognes bearing his name, as well as the names of Rihanna and West.
“We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Parlux and their management team in the launch of these dynamic new brands,”
Jay-Z said in a statement.
The veteran rapper will have the option to purchase up to four million shares of Parlux at $5 apiece, reported
The Wall Street Journal. Rather than cash, Kanye and Rihanna will get paid for the venture through royalties, profit sharing, and Parlux stocks.

THis gon be the hottest shit....can't wait till 2010!!!



Monday, April 6, 2009

*Runnin .

& i'm quite sure we all ran a race . .
But not this kind of race ;
see i ran at a steady ass pace , thinkin
maybe ; if i keep this up ; dhat one day
i'll win .
See , i ran ; & i ran . . runnin with the wind
but i think i let the wind pass . . .
me .
& they ask me ; what i'm runnin for ?
they like Desean , nothings there .
& i'm like nahhh, do you see it ?
look closely , see it ?
it's his heart ; & i been runnin from the start .
thinkin maybe one day i'll have a chance . .
guess it wasnt my race to run .
so why cant we finish what we started ?
but instead you got me runnin ; & i dont wanna stop ;
but instead i'll go back to the starting line . .
& let you know i plan on winning . .
& i plan on sprintin ; cause maybe i'll have a chance ,
if i'm not too late . .
but i guess i'll continue runnin at this pace dhat only I
can understand . .
untill then ,
i'm runnin
runnin . .
runnin for who ?
runnin for you . .
;desean .

Saturday, April 4, 2009

so you say you're in love . .

So how can i start this topic off ? Okay , me & a close friend was discussing some real shxt . Well ; basically about love , hmm ; such a STRONG word . a four letter word with a meaning that is so strong . BUT , can be taken so lightly . I mean really , everbody has been in love ONCE in they life . Don't get me wrong , its a feeling one can not explain . . thats if you're truly in love . See [true) love can only come once in ya life . See baby , we young . So you know some things are too good to be true . But you know how it is , you all caught up in the hype & all dhat good stuff . Got a girl who's so naiive ; & will listen to anything her girls say . Yeah yeah , dhats all good . You know , her girls aint got nobody ; or as you might say ; they jealous ; pshh ! whatever . See , all you tryna do is be a good boyfriend . . oh wait ; lets rewind here . You liked the girl , & yall hit it off . Cool . . no problem . You know , everybody deserves a chance . Mhmm ; yeah . So yeah you see , yall a couple of months in the relationship . But wait ; which one of yall fallin in love here ? Yeah exactly . You might have a one sided relationship , what is a one sided relationship ? let me explain : okay , you just playin yo role ; & you playin it well . You just being a good boyfriend . Yeah dhats good and all . You showin her you care & shit . But wait ; she might take that as a misconception . So you got her runnin around here ; oh girl he loves me & all dhat good shit . But then you like damn wait . . i aint in love yet , hell i dont even know how i truly feel . So you gotta go with the flow ; & FRONT like yall in love , when in reality ; you sittin back thinkin how miserable you are . But yeah . everybody don't see it that way . You know ? Yeah you know . You know how they say ; *its not good to be selfish . But psh . Fck dhat . You gotta think about YOU & what makes YOU happy . Like *Katt Williams say : you gotta be in tune with yo star motherfckin player Lol . So if you not happy ; why make yourself miserable , to make somebody else happy ? what ? you happy being miserable ? i suggest you get it together . before you miss out on a good thing . Hmm , what is love ? nobody really knows , well . . wait ; i take it back ; some people probably do know . I know . But hey , its not about me . Or is it ?

Desean. The Clutch.

sorry ! X.// makinq the band - ahhhhh !

Disclaimer: Sorry bloggers ! If you've been following us ; we're sorry we havent been blogging like we suppose to . Taj has been worryin about Prom . So you might read more stuff from [me) - Desean . Soo stay calm people . I'm quite sure he might blog better then me . But anywho ; hopefully i can PERSUADE or in my words ; BEAT THE HELL OUT OF HIM -- to blog his prom pictures .

- THANKS ! for following our blog .
if their is anything you would like for us to blog on ; make suggestions . give us feedback anything is welcomed ! LOVE you all .

Robert ; I Love You . A Fan ! But uhhh . . Yeah !

So ; i'm quite sure you all have tuned in to making the band
thursday night .
Lord , Jesus ; be with Que .
He is seriously causing this group to vanish .
I mean Que ; come on .
Do you really think you're that good to dha point where . .
you don't have to be around when its time ?
you're NOT .
Ima need you to get some serious help ; therapy .
Dr. Phil maybe ?
I seriously think they shouldve let Brian ; whoop his ass .
Cause he needs one !
& Robert ? O M G . He cried !
& i actually cried too .
He really loves this group .
& i understand him ; hell they're pratically brothers .
so i mean HEY ! i'll be crying too if somebody was fckin up
MY money .
Cause time is money .
& money is time .
but Que for the sake of your fans . .
You'll be suprise by how many people want Day 26
to actually make it ; & not be another Danity Kane
Or Da Band . . .
Desean. The Clutch .