Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spectacular Is My EX Boyfriend DAMN IT !

little boyyy , you are full of SHIT .
Lal , you're like 20 years old .
On youtube , pleading your case that
SPECTACULAR is apart of thee gayismness community .
are you serious ? get your life together hun !
you say you have proof ! okayyy , where is it ?
we wanna see pictures & all !
you say he bought you a cell phone , wow .
anybody can get on youtube & say a celeb is their bf or gf .
i smell FCKeryyy honeyyyyy =]
enjoy this video , & leave comments , thanks !
;*desean .

Boy You Know , i i i i .

Jeremih is HOT .
Enjoy =]


Japan VMA Performances





Friday, May 29, 2009

Video of the Year*////Paparazzi


Teyana+Venice Beach=Promo Pics


Takinq it baack to the Goodies days*

Ciara Fantasy Ride Pictures, Images and Photos
Below is a leaked tracked from the Fantasy Ride Sessions called 'Secret'
dont qet me wronq i love Fantasy Ride but THIS is the kinda tracks i wouldve preferred from CiCi


Ginuwine's next sinqle off his album!!

and how lonq have we all waited for these 3 to make music toqether....since before Aaliyah's passinq......track is HOT...2 bad it may not blow up like it should...maybe if it was sunq by someone like JT or Chris Brown. But anywho...qreat club def lookinq forward to his album..still bumps Last Chance


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

N.Y.G [NIGGA YOU GAY) - x// Video Response .

[looks & takes a sips of water & blinks TWICE)
to everybody out there saying he gay , i have NO words for this shxt .
just watch & enjoy i guess .
sidenote: that nigga was TOO into dhat shxt !

video response !

brian , i LOVE YOU !
if you ever see our blog , give us a shoutout .
i swear if this nigga had his own show , i'll be tuning in , ALL THE TIME !
re-runs & all .

*new Pussy

not a big fan of the pussycatdolls...well nicole anymore...the sonq is blah

but big ups to my fav video director...Joseph Kahn...for another stellar video


Saturday, May 23, 2009

& he's making HISTORY !

& we're here to SLAY ! [rawr;)


model: Kiara Jackson
Objective: to SLAYY
The Designer: Kingsle & he's so D I V I N E !


& he lives by this quote:
Fashion fades , style is eternal . -ysl
upcoming designer , fashionista i must say .
he's , style is BOMB .
i kid you NOT .
he's making history , watch as he steps on the scene .
with a swagg so mean .
steez shootin thru the roof .
ABOVE the rest .
-- add him .

check out his model:

fast fwd to 3:05


Friday, May 22, 2009

Album Review: How To Be A Lady Vol.1

first off., Rico...your a HATER LOL
Let me say that i now officially LOVE Electrik Red
The-Dream && Tricky really did a funky job on this album.
now i hear some people say that this album has a lot of tracks that sound similar thats beacause this album is solely done by 2 people as i just mentioned! BUT the tracks that have that different twanq are easily spottable...but too me the slower sonqs are the ones that sound alike.
Love the falsettos on 'Freaky Freaky'.....really feelin 'Bed Rest' cus the it sounds like a sample of 'If' by my fav miss jackson. the track 'On Point' has that Kelis vibe too it...which i LUV. 'P is for Power' has that ciara 'G is for Girl' feel to it...juss lacks that umph factor.
2 other stand-outs are the album's opener 'Muah' and 'Friend Lover'

Jeremee.,Randy.,Desean., CHECK IT OUT
so...yu can ask desean....mrs.west
that WAYY @ the beqinninq of the year when i first heard Boom Boom Pow i said that it would be a huqe number 1 sinqle!!!
but when 'Boom Boom Pow' just became the #1 sonq of 2009 thus far!
spendinq 7 weeks @ #1 has surpassed Flo Ridas 'Riqht Round' which spent 6 weeks.

iknooo im late with the Imma Bee record

but the official second sinqle

is soooo chill and koolbeans.....I've waited years for a BEP album and looks like this one will also be no dissapointment

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Be[yawn)ce . Girl , . . I can't .

girl , . . i SWEAR you are just falling off the face of the earth
with each & every video .
is black & white the theme for this album ?
its just you & the SAME three females .
in a room , doing choreography .
please , would you get it together ?
you takin this SASHA FIERCE character to a whole NEW level .

video review: its BORING , & i'm sick & tired of the black & white .
*POW ! Just shoot me in dha head right now , cause i can't . . .

on a sidenote* kanye has a video for paranoid . =]

;*desean .

Sunday, May 17, 2009


the trailer would make yu wanna cry!!!

Peep Mariah,Mo'Nique,Lenny Kravitz,Paula Patton

&&new actress:Gabby Sidibe


i'm double cupped riqht now .

ohhh ! thats that nigga that use to play up on DEGRASSI !
this mixtape is beastin' .
i love drake , he raps off the dome [kid cudi voice) .
if you're not up on this kidd , i suggest you run & catch up .
the mixtape consist of 24 tracks .
a few of em is from the previous mixtapes .
comeback season & so far gone .
you think the mixtapes CRAZY .
wait till he makes an album .
please DONT sleep on him .
best tracks [in my opinion):
2. good nite // good luck .
8. friends with money.
11. still drake
12. what i'm thinking right now -- LOVE this one .
14. girl let me .
24. going in .
check this mixtape out ;// you wont be disappointed ,thats if you're not up on this nigga ,
then you might be a little bit too opinionated .
ha !
;*desean .

Thursday, May 14, 2009

But When You FALL.down ;// *smh !

POOR.babyyy !
i guess those heels where TOO.//high for herrr .
soo sawrry for you . [lol)
she should've fell , then BOUNCED back .
but she fell then sat there .
*smh , ah MESS .
i guess its MASTURBATION cause i'm just doing.ME -dizzy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

*NEW.blogger ͯLYNNY.poo ♥

She's *NEW;//new . Lol .
Disclaimer: well ; bloggers , i think i'm gonna start like these post where
i feature *NEW bloggers . Bare with me if i'm a little shakey .
Name: Lynn .
Age: 16
Status: THE.bomb
Lynn is a new blogger ; i'm hoping to be a *FAITHFUL reader ;//
her poems be like ; woah .
she's DEF;// different with such STYLE &;// GRACE .
she's like a TICKING time bomb ;// BOOM !
she really is gonna blow your mind .
love her , show her MUCH love .

Monday, May 11, 2009

Throwback Monday Video Number 2 .

damn it !
you can hate me now .
but i won't stop now .
;*&desean .

Throwback Monday .

this my shit .
damn it !
this my shxt .

;*desean .

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday Niqht Live///&& its HOT


but did she have to James Brown wit it.....


Its Mother's Dayyy !

Heyy Mama !
Its Mother's Dayyyy !
A day where we show our mom how much we appreciate them .
i always tell my mama mother's day is everyday .
haha , she be like ; mhmm you right .
well , i LOVE my mama .
even though she's over protective .
& put me thru hell .
she's still my girl , & i wouldnt trade her for a box of nikes .
mama , you're the BEST .
a hard , strong , black woman .
& i love you for that .
heyy mama .
i wanna scream so loud for you .
cause i'm so proud of you .
let me tell you what im about to do ,
heyy mama . .
- ye' .
;*desean .

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Poker Face Remix w/ Queen Latifah

keep in mind that the sonq Poker Face is about havinq to put on a front when ur wit a man but really into women or vice-versa
the verses were hot tho...qo head Kinq!!


Janet hits the Studio Aqain!!!!!

rock witchu Pictures, Images and PhotosDespite that her album 20 y.o. went platinum.,both it and her latest effort Discipline were considered commercial failures and her recent tour the Rock Witchu Tour which i had the pleasure of seeinq was AMAZING

My prayers have been answered that she's reunitinq with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for an album that could possibly be released in early 2010.
for those unfamiliar...Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis qave us hits like: All For You, I Get Lonely, Thats The Way Love Goes, Control and so many more!

I Am....Video Antholoqy

Stans mark your calenders......
the Beyonce Video Antholoqy for the I Am...Sasha Fierce album is beinq released
June 16th exclusively to Wal-Mart
In addition....her next 2 sinqles will be Eqo and Sweet Dreams
i can say that im excited for both of those videos and to see what she qonna come up with for
Dissappear, Radio, and Video Phone

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bloggers // We Have A Problem .

The Treo The Blackberry
all my fellow bloggers ; i need HELP .
okay , as you all may know ; sprint is ehhh ; okay .
i have it , & blah blah blah ; i dont know what to chose !
upgrade is next MONTH .
& i'm tryna see if Sprint is gonna come out with a new phone for
the summer ; BEFORE i invest my MONEY in one of these phones .
The Treo ; Or The Blackberry ?
;*Desean .

Lil Kim && Charlie Wilson;T-Pain

The video is cute but for Lil Kim...
i expected somethinq more eventful...not a kim video at all !!!
@ least shes doinq qood on Dancinq With The Stars

Lmao: Beyonce fires liqhtinq person durinq performance

skip to around the :40 sec mark
...somebody qettin fired

Sol-Anqel && the Hadley St. Dreams

Never Ever on GMA

wish she woulda stepped away from the mic for a second and joined in the dancin
but otherwise.,well done Cici

Friday, May 1, 2009

Oak Trees && Swimminq Pools/////OMG

If i didnt LoVe Janelle Monae...this would be an OMHN File

i was wit her up untill abt the 3:30 mark!!!

fast forward for some shizz n giggles


Smell So Sweet ; Get Ya High Like Blunts .

i think this is so cute ; & funny .
& i think i'm gonna put it on dha iTOUCH .
Lol .
HOP up out the beddd ; turn my fagg on .
look in the mirror say whats T ?
how you dewinq ?
owwwww .
;&*Desean .

The Dream - Hater Lyrics .

Me , personally ; i think the video is
cute .
i tried to find the Lupe Fiasco - & He Gets The Girl Video ;
it was just like this one ,
but the sound has been disabled .
but enjoy this video :)
;*Desean .

Ohh NO!! Kelis and Nas file for divorce!

My favorite couple
besides Janet & Jermaine
Juss filed for divorce.....and shes like 7 months preqnant.,
i quess it juss wasnt meant to be.,after 4 years!!!!
wat happened to Blindfoldin' each other ppl