Friday, October 2, 2009

Been Gone For A Minute , Now Im Back With The JUMP OFF !

Bloggers ! Hello , how u dewin ? Yess . I have been gone forEVER . Now , im BACK ! With more post . I even have pictures from my personal life , dealin with homecoming &stuff . Not too many pictures , i brought the camera towards the end =/ don't judge me people ! But anyway .. I have a new blog attitudeeee . U see my banner ! ? Isnt it pretty ? ALL Natural , no photoshop , except for the other little designs &stuff . I figure i`ll show the real me , no editing . Well , since i'm back . . while im here with the new post to start off the OCTOBER month ! First let me give a shoutout to :


for doing my banner ! this girl is GREAT ! I mean i LOVE her blog . Its so creative & LIVE . I wish she'll give photoshop tutorials &stuff . lol . But she did my banner , &i LOVE it . So check out her blog : // its an acutal site . she has her own domain . so check that out , &stay tune for more post !


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Shadé said...

Awwww thank you! and let me the know what kind of tutorial you want for photo-shop.. I will try my best to do one or give provide some links.. Hmmm I think I may just make this a blog topic LOL