Monday, August 31, 2009

OMHN Files: 'Kid' from House Party

i cant. i cant. i cant. I CANT
if this isnt the most follywang material idk wat else to call it.
really kid? endorsing an "on the corner" suit and tuxedo place in CARSON?!!!
and this is what happens when you make a lot of money at one point in time and dont manage it correctly....smdh


*everyday a star is born


This Is Sick!

So this is one of the most creative commercials ive seen in a loooooooong time.
Jigga recreates all his past album covers!
theres really nothing more to say but watch the damn commercial.


Is It Dhat Serious ? x Drake , Trey Songz - Successful

-for one , this bitch at the j. holiday concert needs to rethink her life . she mustve been on somethin ; cuhz she was literally tryna hump dha shit out of ol' dude .

-as for the drake video , i like it . its very content ; &its not too much going on . it makes u zone in into dha song &dha video . kudos drake : )


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Twitter . . AGAIN ?


so I , Desean ; has a twitter AGAIN ! Ha , i knew it wasnt gone be long before i tweet'd again ; sooo , be a good tweeter & follow me !

thanksss !

Really Gucci Mane ?

okay , the video might be OLD ; but screw u !

shux , this video is LAME . the girls ? LAME .

dhat damn guhl from dha halle berry video ?



The Bitch Looks HOT !


that got damn amber rose .

she looks HOT ; she looks WAY better tan , the shoes ? LOVE EM !

feel free to leave ur reviews : )




Wale+Jazmine Sullivan=DOPE

Wale is IT
i love all his leaks and this one is no different!
this is one of the best hip hop songs ive heard in awhile.
This should def be the 2nd single from his debut Attention: Deficit set to hit stores October 20th which will feature collabos from gucci mane, marsha ambrosius, chrisette michelle, and possibly rihanna.



Friday, August 28, 2009

Mary J Blige , Drake - The One

i LOVE this song .

gone head mary j !


I Just Wanna Be , I Just Wanna Be Successful .

The successful video , a lit preview ; nothin special .

i LOVE this damn song , i been bumpin this shit before it even HIT the radio .

but check it out .


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Album Review: Lady Love

letoya Pictures, Images and Photos 3.5/5 stars

so the destinys child reject is at it again!!
lol....srry toya...i enjoyed her debut effort but im actually digging this album waaay more
She definently shy away from those typical normal r&b sets.
this album has a great pop influence and i love the direction of music. i'd say the second best female r&b album of the year (behind misskeribaby)
features on this album includes one of my favs Estelle, Ludacris, and Mims???
Anywho my fav tracks are:

  • Lady Love
  • She Aint Got...
  • Lazy
  • Regret featuring Ludacris
  • Take Away Love featuring Estelle

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Britney & Russell

cute and funny little MTV promo for the Video Music Awards.
also peep the MJ tattoos on russell's arm. how you doin?


Soul Train....the MOVIE


Warner Bros. has commissioned Malcolm Spellman to write a feature based on the classic TV dance show Soul Train. The film will be set in the 1980s and Don Cornelius, the host and producer the original show that spanned 35 years, will serve as one of the producers.


#10 is a killer

If your late like i's Chris Brown's final court order by Judge Patricia Schnegg:

1. Felony Probation for 60 months and must obey all laws.
2. Report to Probation within 72 hours
3. 52 Weeks of a Domestic Violence Program in Virginia.
4. Must turn in all weapons within the next 24 hours and can NOT own any weapons during that period.
5. Must Provide DNA Samples as Requested by the Authorities
6. 180 Days of Community Service (HARD) Labor… washing cars, cleaning graffiti off the walls, etc.
7. Get approval before leaving the country.
8. Report to a court room every 3 months for the next 5 years.
9. Fines and Fees: $2,500 in restitution, $2,500 in probation expenses, $30 for criminal conviction fee and $400 for the domestic violence fund.
10. The Protective Order for the next 5 years: Brown is not allowed to harass, assault, threaten, molest, etc. Rihanna. No direct contact nor 3rd party contact with her. He must stay at least 100 yards away from her unless it is an entertainment (work) related event, then he must stay 10 yards away.


Justin & Friends

TLC &amp; Reigndrop Lopes Pictures, Images and Photos

TLC to perform for the second time in 7 years! many other media outlets are reporting the first time but they are obviously forgetting the BET Awards from last year. but anywho, Justin Timberlake has put together a benefit concert for "Shriners Hospital for Children" @ the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Saturday, October 17th.

Also to perform are Ciara, Alicia Keys, and Taylor Swift....who wants tickets...i do


Reasons to stick to modeling.

Woman of the Year

sasha fierce Pictures, Images and Photos

So alot of buzz on twitter today was Beyonce being selected as Woman of the Year by Billboard which is a big honor. do i agree...yess...sasha has put in WORK in the past year. amazing tour and come on...single of the best songs and videos of ALL TIME
* single....VIDEO PHONE


Very quick and sweet
im back,trashysocialite is back after a LONG hiatus.
Life dealings and senior year has been getting in the way
plus im barely on computer..catch me on the iphone
(sounds of "im not that type" by fantasia playing in the background)


Monday, August 24, 2009

Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - How Fly [ THE mixtape ]

So my boy Q put me on with the How Fly Mixtape .
&at first i didn't really like Curren$y .
Probably because i didn't give him a chance . Lol .
But i gave him a chance .
&i LOVE the mixtape . I basically have no favorites , but the mixtape goes hard .
&leave ur reviews : )

Jay Z Feat Drake - Off That

Bump It , Or Dump It ?


Blog Feature [Tkeyah<3]

Name: Kyosha Barnes .

But she likes to be called , Tkeyah♥ Don't forget the hearts : ) . She's a senior ! Stays in Baton Rouge . Her blog is so cute ; &humble . It has a nice vibe ! i LOVE it . She's VERY random ! But aren't we all ? nope ! But i think u should def. FOLLOW her blog !

Her concept ? "she speaks her mind. and doesnt care wut ppl think about it."

all my fellow followers ; & people who are faithful to the blog , please follow her , i promise u won't regret : ) thanks !


Saturday, August 22, 2009

So My Laptop Is Back !

Attention !
the laptop is officially back on dha market !
so , if i was suppose to feature you ; or ANYthing of dhat nature , please hit me up .
thanksss !

Day 26 - So Good

enjoy : )


Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally !

Jay-Z + Rihanna + Kanye West - "Run This Town"


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Throwback Tuesday !

Enjoy : )


Bow Wow ; Young Money . Say What ! ?

Okay , i don't have a picture or whatever . But i heard ; via blogs , such as MTO =/ that . . BOW WOW , was just signed to YOUNG MONEY . Okay ; STOP THE PRESS ! First of all ; didn't you say you were gonna give rapping up or whatever shit you was venting bout on twitter ? & Second of all , wasnt you dropped from Columbia Records . Third of yall , NIGGA YOU CANT RAP ! As we all KNOW , Young Money is full of talent ; although this talent doesn't get the spotlight it should get . . we all know whats up . Really & truly ; they must've felt sorry for the little bastard , cause i would too . But you know what ? We're gonna see how this shit plays out ; cause honestly , BOW WOW sucks ASS ! So i guess the little duo is back on the scene , OMARION & BOW WOW . Honestly ; what can Omarion contribute ? IF WE WANT A SINGER , We would simply call DRAKE or Nicki Minaj . OR just get wayne to vocalize on there just for a quick chorus , I THINK BOW WOW & OMARION JUST WANNA BE DOWN ! Call me a hater ; or whatever , IM JUST SAYING DAMN IT !


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Video !

Big Sean - Get'Cha Some


Saturday, August 8, 2009

aMERIE 'Heard Em All'

This is the audio to Amerie's new single 'Heard Em Say' i know im kinda late with this one but havent been blogging in awhile so i just had to post it anyway. Go-Go music taken to the next level !!


On the set of 'Run This Town'


&& wit a video from one of this year's dopest singles. nothin to special abt the video but then again wat do you expect frm a clipse video
still enjoys the song tho!

Drake <3



Friday, August 7, 2009

Mariah Carey , BLEH !

One Word , Fckery : ]
I know Mariah Carey better sit her tired ass down .
SMH ; are u serious right now ?
First of all , it was OBVIOUS that she lip synced .
& then got to dha end , & tried to adlib =/
I wasted four minutes of my life .
BUT , u know their is a PRO to almost everything .
The last minute of the video was CUTE !
I loved the way they showed they love for each other .
But that still doesnt change the fact that her performance was POO !
BOOOO trick , BOOO !

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Blogger !

New Blogger !
Name: Taylor
Alias: Tayla Badd Azz
Age: 16
Status: REAL .
Taken <3
Mini Disclaimer: Okay , this chick here is my girl Tayla ;
but i call her , TAYYbabeee : ] she's a NEW blogger .
& You all know , i SUPPORT new bloggers , 100% .
Taylor has a blog : .
Doesn't the title just pop out at you like POW !
okay , lol . but check out her blog , FOLLOW HER !
her blog is HOT ,& SEXY !
i LOVE her , & would love if you all follow her .
myspace her too : .

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Complex Magazine - Kid Cudi

Marry me ? Yeh ?


Blueprint 3 Cover ?


could this possibly be the blueprint 3 cover ?

released on his website ; this may be the final cover , i mean it is released in sept .

lets just wait it out & see .


Jeremih - Ima Star

i like the song .

the end : )

ps ; jeremih is sexy , amen ? amen .