Monday, March 30, 2009

Que, baby . . get it together PLEASE ?

so . . i'm quite sure , everybody tuned in to watch ; Que throw his little " temper tantrum " Que , seriously . What is wrong with you ? are you mental or something ? Like fareal . All they want him to do ; is be around more , when its studio time . & Que just takes it over board , running off at the mouth & i TOTALLY agree with Will & Brian . They got kids , they gotta be daddy . & Que wanna be stupid & mess around & fck Day 26 up , somebody gone get they ass kicked . Well Que , i think you need to get it together . Please ? For the sake of Day 26 . Thanks !

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Angel " Lola " Luva X.// Romeo

I think this girl is HOT .
Music is whats up .
But Lola , whats up with the tights ?
they're cute , don't get me wrong .
but where are your UNDER WEAR ! ?
lol , oh well .
Pretty though .
outfit is FIRE .

Romeo ? IS THAT YOUU ?

romeo , will you marry me ?
lol , romeo has gotten SEXY .
i rather no braids .
tattoos ?
they're different .
unique .
LOVE em .
He's playing basketball now .
KUDO'S Romeo .
He understands thats rapping is not forever .
education is KEY .
good job .
sincerely yours , desean .

Serena X.// Trina Louis V Photoshoot .

trina ?
mama working it .
LOVE the photoshoot .
the LV bag is hot .
with the speakers too ?
thats sexy .
check out her heels , can i please have a pair ?
shades , HOT .
you doing the damn thing trina .

Serenaaaaa !
Serena ?
you working dhat DRESS .
i think she's pretty .
LOVE her .
she's doing EVERYTHING .
FiRE !
sincerely yours , [desean)

Shoot Em Up Bang Bang !

i think rhi rhi's tattoo is HOT .
despite what anybody says .
yeah yeah , she may be on that
good girl gone bad type shit .
but its her body , be creative .
thats whats SHE wanted .
& yes she's a cover girl .
i'm quite sure she is NOT gonna jepardize
her endorsements .
sidebar: did you know she flew her Tattoo'ist in from LA ?
sincerely yours , desean .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Need I Say Anything ?



you be the judge .
sincerely yours , desean [ the clutch._)

M.O.B x.// The Rich Clear Glasses .

soo, i think the M.O.B line is SUPER hot .
& you even got the girls rockin this shxt .
although i wouldnt rock it .
kudo's to the designer .

Ahhhhh !

LOVE these glasses .
seems like the nerd glasses are whats up right now .
& i must say , i'm feeling em .
nice if you wanna just throw on a pair of glasses .
i think people with fashion sense should have a pair .
i know i'm going cop a pair !
sincerly yours , desean [the clutch._)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Complex .

The hottest issue of COMPLEX ever .

& i think you should go
BUY this issue =]
The End.
sincerely yours, desean [the clutch._)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Video: Love Sex Magic

The Dream & Christina ?

& she got on 106 @ park & told Rocsi
dhat they're just friends ; & its just buisness .
just buisness ?
pshhh !
but i still think they're a cute couple .
& she's pretty .

Estelle with new do'

Estelle with shorter it a HELL YES....or OMHN!!

OMHN Files: Solange

Solange is my girl

And 9 times out of 10 i agree with her fashion sense

But OMHN!!!!

She looks a bad way.....but she'll get it together! Hopefully!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

MTV Cribs: Mims, Auberella, Denny

hows the HELL does Aubrey get a pad like tht??????
Who she bangin'????

X.// Tazzz ! -- Fcking Dope ! X.// Diggy !

Tazz ? D0PE [enough said._)

diggy !
isn't he hot ?
my favorite person on " runs house "
& he has a bloggg !
check it out !

Friday, March 20, 2009

Debbie Allen [ Dreams ) X.// Taking The Stage.

sooo , the play " Dreams " is coming to Batno Rouge.
Yayyy ! But wanna know the exciting part?
MY BESTFRiEND is in it .
Yess ; my bestfriend [darius._) is in a Debbie Allen Play.
can't wait to be there.// this should be exciting.
& this is like my first play.
sooo excited.

Taking The Stage Review

Taking The Stage premiered on MTV last night. & i must say, it was quite cuteee. i LOVED it. It something new. & I heard Nick Lachay is the producer. But anywho. Last night episode was cute. I LOVE Tyler & Jasmine. They're like the best on the show. & they're sooo cute. Kind of remind me of me & my bestfriend, except he dances & i don't.// lol. Yeahh. I suggest this show to people who wanna make it in dancing.// singing.// & anything else in the entertainment world. TWO THUMBS UP taking the stage!

;*[the clutch; desean._)

Original Fake is Koolbeans...a must have


KID CUDI Live on Carson Daily


Ryan Leslie "I-R-I-N-A"

The Cannons set to buy the MOST EXPENSIVE mansion on the market

The mansion....sittin on 5 the Beverly Hills priced at
$125 million dollars
Theyve been quoted as saying...“They like the home because there’s so little that needs doing to it,”
How unoriginal!!!!!!!!!!!!
and do you really need 2 waste tht much money on a house...Come On


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Frankie ? -- Lets get it together , please ?

frankie , youre an embarrasment .
sorry if i offended ya =]
okay ; i enjoyed frankie on the keyshia cole show ,
& i must say ; she was dha entertainment .
but its get real OLD after awhile .
wouldnt you agree?
check out this video :
frankie getting her groove on ; & is she tryna fck ol' dude on dha dance floor ?

& yes bloggers ; if you heard neffie is pregnant ; AGAIN!
then yesss! you've heard it right .
neffie is pregnant again .
& dhats a sadd case .
of course keyshia is gonna support her the best wayy she can,
but you gotta think about it // keyshia has a life of her own .
any who , its a sad case dhat she's pregnant again .
have you've heard of dha term " condom " ?
yeahh , i think you should look into dhat .
;*[ the clutch; desean._)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RIP: Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson was not able to survive the brain injury she suffered while skiing in Canada on Monday.

The British actress' husband, Liam Neeson, has officially confirmed the tragic news, issuing a press release that reads:

"Liam Neeson, his sons, and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha. They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time."

btw....loved her in Parent Trap and Maid in Manhatten


From the Set: Love Sex Magic

flexibility is her lane and is she or is she not flexin
and to think juss the other day she was on my OMHN Files post.
im def feelin the song a whole lot more and i HOPE this KILLS IT!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i LOVE her cuhz she a [ qutta bxtch )

& if she not dha baddest
i don't know who is .
; * [ the clutch. desean )

Sunday, March 15, 2009

BeYAWNce covers Vogue

Oooh baby baby baby(singing If U Seek Amy in my head)
Anyway.....Vogue covers are always so simple and plain to me so i uess its.......okay. Anyway be on the look out for B's 2 new videos that will drop soon....EGO and BROKEN HEARTED GIRL......prob will be black and white...YAWN



for all you , Que & Dawn Fans !
hmm ; i ain't know these two qot down like this .
& heyy , i ain't hating on em either .
okay , i think i really want a Que now .
any takers ?
; * [ the clutch ; desean )
& look at what we have here . .

dream album release 120309
okay , am i crazy ?
or did Christina tell Rocsi dhat her
& dha dream were just friends .
yeah yeah yeah , tell dhat to somebody stupid .
have you heard The Dream proposed to her ?
yessss bloggers ! you heard it right .
he proposed with a 200,000 ring .
Now hold dha hell on , with a ring dhat cost dhat much
i`ll be like ; hell fckin yeah .
but she later told him yes .
awwwww , don't they make such a cute couple ?
SIDEBARR : i LOVE her new blonde hair , she looks cute .
now eff what yall hollin ; cause The Dream is loving it .
She Rockin Dhat Blonde Like . .
; * [ the clutch; desean )

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diddy and Cassie in the studio

Look at Assie and Diddy makin some...dare i say...Awesome ass shit!
Diddy is rite.,this is definently classic Bad Boy.,i could picture this being released in the 90s
which isnt such a bad thing.,only if they didnt vibe to the song so wack-ly or if they had more ppl in the studio to give it that "Vibe"
im feelin it., COOL POINTS for Bad Boy

Se7en feat. Lil Kim- Girls

I've been listenin to this song since around November.,srry but i must say his voice is BORING. btw. queen b KILLS IT and Lisaraye lookin hot in the vid as well.
Yes! 4 the eye candy that is Kim and LIsaRaye

If U Seek Amy


OMHN Files: Ciara album cover!

Dont get me wrong.,shes hot and its not a bad picture the album cover?
more like a pic inside the album... wat happened to the "Super C" image.
Considering her last 2 album covers were plain...disappointing


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

happiness . . .

Happiness : Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy.

; So , everybody wants to be happy while , they're in a RELATiONSHiP . . am i right or wrong ? well , hopefully i'm right . You know how they always say . . its not good to be about YOURself , all the time ? well , in some cases , it is good that you think about YOURself , & N0T nobody else . . in a relationship ? you have to think about whats best for YOU , its all fine & dandy you're together . . but what IF the person you started out likin , isn't the person you know NOW . . what if they start getting : boring , or start thinking they the shit ? Ohh , of course they're gonna start off as somebody you start liking , but times goes by . . & now , you looking like " this is not the person i liked before " yeah . . its called " TRUE COLORS . " See , when you take your time & REALLY get to know about somebody , you know if they real or not . sooo . . why you wanna play yourself ? knowing you N0T happy , Soo , you play the nice guy . . because you don't wanna hurt they feelings . So you rather make yourself miserable just to make THEM happy . Yeah yeah , thats cool & all . . because I HAVE did that before . but NEVER no more , but back to this . They wanna call it " SELFISH " when you think about who REALLY makes YOU happy , whatever ; i don't find it selfish . So i mean , when you sittin back & looking at your relationship . . & you like damn ; they happy , but i'm not . . nahhh ; doesnt work like that . so do me a favor , sit back & ask yourself ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY ? or , WHO REALLY MAKES YOU HAPPY ?

; * desean [ the clutch )

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


this fckin video is ; HiLARiOUS !

this nigga done lost his mind , but i like him !

he's right ; WH0 DHA FCk iS KERi HiLS0N ?

lmao .

; * desean [ the clutch )

I just thought it was time for [ me ) desean to post new entries

The Dream Feat. Mariah Carey - My Love
i absolutely LOVE this song , its a nice song for dha spring time .
nice song for dha couples , dhats doing they thing !
& not worryin bout the haters .
Most likely , you can relate to this song in some way .
enjoy =]
Oh hell no !
so i'm quite sure you all heard about keri hilson . .
& her lil " DiSSiN " moment . .
YES ! you heard me right ; she dissed somebody !
& who did she diss you ask ?
& i know you like " oh hell no , i know she didnt "
oh the hell she did !
& this is what she said :
" Your vision might be cloudy if you think that you the best
you can dance , she can sing but need to move to the left . .
she need to go have some babies , she need to sit
down she fake . . "
okayyy ; now , i think she has NO RIGHT to talk about N0B0DY .
she needs to go continue being a ghost writer .
keri hilson , like seriously ; who dha fck are you ?
call me a hater , call me whatever !
she's LAME .
The Dream !
Desean's Review : The Dream album , is hot .
personally , you have to listen to dha album , a few times .
yes it does sound like his first album , but this one is hotter .
its just something about him ; dhat just makes him different from
dha rest of dha artist out .
i LOVE him , & you should too =]
N0TE ! if you havent noticed . . this is a two person blog , me & my buddy ;
TAJ - the pen .
; * desean [ the clutch )

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oprah Winfrey: Roundtable discussion on Chrihanna

Electrik Red - So Good

I love these girls. They're signed to The-Dream's label and are former background dancers of Janet Jackson and CIara (Like A Boy) amongst other performers. The video is directed by one of my favorites, Melina (I Decided, Closer, Diva, Just Dance, Go Girl) and is real colorful and classic., likin this joint from ELECTRIK RED


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Album Review: Love vs. Money

This shit is purely classic. No other word to describe the best album of the year so far
....that is until Kid Cudi and Black Eyed Peas drop
but until then this will do just great.
THINK your favorite R.Kelly album on steroids. One of the tracks on the album Kelly's 12 Play Dream talks about sexin to the singers album. Besides the 2 singles Rockin' That Shit and My Love w/ Mariah., Yu should check out
*Walkin' on the Moon w/ KanYe West
*Put It Down
*Take U Home 2 My Mama
*Love vs. Money Part 1 and Part 2


"This Is It"

The King of Pop, aka Michael Jackson held a press conference in London Thursday to announce plans for a UK tour consisting of 10 dates this July.
"This Is It" -- the final curtain call. Hope his health holds up better than Janet's did for the "Rock Witchu" tour. Which i had the pleasure principle of seeing in person and was AMAZING


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

& she SUPER BADD !

& if shawty not baddd !
then psh ! i don't know who is .
she got a mean ass walk .
i LOVE her .

Musiq Soulchild [ SoBeautiful )

Musiq Soulchild - "sobeautiful"
the first time i heard this song // i feel in love with it .
musiq is a GREAT song writer .
& this song is beautiful .
; * desean [ the clutch )

Lil Wayne - The Prom Queen

The Prom Queeeen !
i LOVE this video ; its so hot & original .
& did i mention ; wayne looks SEXYYY !
; * desean [ the clutch )

Kid Cudi- Sky Might Fall

New Vid: Dream Big

YES! my fav cut from Jazmine's debut album finally has the video it deserves. Even tho my girl was robbed at this years grammys she still is hot and pushin out solid records. Video directed by Syndrome (Cant Believe It, Damaged, Freeze, LionsTigersBears,etc) 


OMHN(OhMyHellNo) FILES: Rihanna and Chris Brown reportedly married

To the shock of many, Rihanna reunited with Chris Brown over the weekend — but they did more than that! [According to Star Magazine] the couple had a tearful face-to-face meeting at Diddy’s $14.5 million Miami mansion, during which an emotional Chris apologized, begged for forgiveness and proposed to her on the spot.

“All she’s ever wanted was to be with him forever,” a source tells Star. “Rihanna is looking for the husband-and-two-kids deal before she turns 25. She believes in fairy tales, and she wants to live hers with Chris. She was totally up front and confessed to him, ‘I can’t live without you.’”

The pair wasted no time making Rihanna’s fairy tale come true. They even called a minister to the mansion on exclusive Star Island!                                      


The Circus: Starring Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls

Britneys tour jumped off in New Orleans, LA last night to a sold-out crowd that included blogger Perez Hilton.
She ran thru hits such as "Womanizer" "Piece Of Me" and a re-mastered version of "....Baby One More Time".
Idk bout ya'll but im happy to see one of the biggest pop stars back on her feet. 
btw.album is dooope

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just [ RANDOM ) shit .

just random ass shit ; enjoy =]
so like ; this blog is gonna be about random shit ; sooo, dha shit i might say might be off dha fckin wall ; but WHATEVER .

okay ; so i like seen this movie in my 7th hour class ; on a boring ass day , & i must say ; this move was a big turn off ; & like , i dont know if it was me ; or was it like dha kids in dha class , but like ; dha movie ITSELF did NOT capture biggie for who he truly was . don't get me wrong ; dha actors were GREAT but like ; i didnt get interested in it . . i don't know if i haev to watch it again . or what ; but i dont really care for it . BIGGIE IS A TRUE RAPPER . but i couldnt get into it . .
& bout dha SEX SCENE ; okay . . like fareal , was dhat really called for ? & like my bestfriend wheezy like ; they had to do it , cuhz he made a song with him fckin in dha background ; i mean ; they were havin HOT , RAW , SEX ; to dha fckin THiRD DEGREE ; & i aint saying nothing wrong with dhat ; but i mean look at it ; they were havin some UGLY ass sex . . puzzled faces out there ?
ah ha ! yes my fellow bloggers ; there is such thing as a ugly & pretty sex . i mean come on ; ugly sex is just plain fcking , not emotions ; not intimacy , no telling each other " i love you " none of dhat . yall just basically fckin dha shit out of each other ; & okay , i know everybody has they different outlook on . . . how they wanna fck their partner . & dhats COOL . but i mean ; wouldnt you wanna have pretty sex ? i mean dha kind of sex where , you whispering i love you ; looking in each other eyes . . you know ; not having physical sex ; but mind sex also ; yeah , you know . . all dhat good shit .

Alrite JAMiE ; i love jamie foxx ; he's such a hot man . lol ; nahh beside dhat . i loved him every since the JAMiE F0XX show ; yeahhh ! yall remember that show ; it was dha shit back then . i always thought his voice was amazing ; & NOWW ; people LOVE him , & his cd to ME is dha hottest R&B cd out right now . . his music has meaning ; & you can feel him . & i think this video is so original . . i like the concept . . well i'm glad people are noticing him ; he deserves it . & ohh yeahh , his daughter is some pretty .
B0W W0W ; enough said .

okay ; bow wow . . [ sigh ) okay ; bow wow , are you like effin serious ? like are you serious ? this gotta be dha WHACKEST song he EVER made ; & i USE to like bow wow back in dha G ; in his braid days . but now ? HELL NO ! he done got some fckin cocky & arrogant ; like he big shit ; nigga you aint shit . blah blah blah ; " oh you're just a hater " uhhh ; i dont really give a fck ! bow wow is LAME . & frankly , i d g a f about his music . this song is ughhhh ; it grinds my gears - peter griffin moment :] yeah , anyway ; he sampled a TLC song ; & i cant remember whats dha name of dha song ; but ima figure it out , but JOHNTA AUSTIN is hot ; where dha fck he been?
okay , so like ; you know what really pisses me off ? big girls wearing like clothes dhat are like made for dha girls dhat wear JRS ; okay , i'm not a size 8 ; but damn nigga ; dont wear clothes you cant FIT . aint nothing wrong with big girls ; they actually have girls dhat are plus size that are PRETTY ; & thy dress with clothes dhat FIT . . so i mean ; BIG GIRLS have some respect for yourself so like a dude wont talk about cha . okay ? THANK YOUUU !


soo yeah ; damn i done forgot what i was bout to say . . uhhh ; what ? OHH YEAH , like i'm sick of females like ; i'm REAL ; i'M REAL ; okayy . . i'm real TOO . . but i'm not bout to broadcast dhat shit ; like 24 // 8 my nigga . . like ; my mama told me don't sugah coat shit ; & i dont ; i mean , i say whats on my mind ; & you either take it or leave my shit ; your choice . but i mean ; i see females on dha space ; & they like ; OHH , CUHZ I'M REAL ; I'M REAL ; . . . who gives a fck ? cuhz i frankly i dont =] & ohh yeah ; if you like get offended bout my blog ; then you must be one of the people dhats doing dha shit =] & frankly , i D G A F x 3 ! if you say something to me ; cuhz ima laugh it off .

but i;m tire of typing . . TOMORROW !

i will success this blogg . cuhz its always something new in my world .