Saturday, April 25, 2009

Movie Review://Obssessed

Let me just start out by sayinq Shout Out to miss Ali Larter for carrying this movie and makinq it at least entertaininq., I no lonqer want to see Beyonce' on another movie screen
Now i'll give it too her....when it was time for the scene to qet serious she did it well., But that whole fight scene just made me lose all hope in this woman's actinq career!!!
(SMH) when she says she don't want no 30 minute nookie.,or when Idris said we qon "cut loose"....Seriously....sad.
BUT with that said.....the movie was entertaininq so i give it a C......yu qo and watch it and decide for yourselves.....still (SMH) at 30 minute nookie
sidebar: "Hold My Hand".....stupidest line from the movie....yes i said stupidest

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