Saturday, April 11, 2009

I know i'm kind of late blogging this . .

Edot Dizzy
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Well , i didn't know if i was suppose to blog about his mixtape or not
till i seen on his blog & he was like , he wanted people to blog .
soo , here i go ! well , i been reading Dizzy blog for a while now . the dude is REAL .
i LOVE reading his blogs , it gives me a different outlook on some things he blogs about .
he basically blogs about anything you discuss with ya friends . relationships . . insecure ass females . . cheatin ass people . . you name it ? he blogs it .
till i ran up on his mixtape ; & i was like , ahhhh this nigga verses gotta be whats up . so i downloaded it ; synced it to the itouch , & im like damn . this shxt is the truth ; let me put this shxt on repeat . i think you all should tune in . his mixtape contains NO HOOKS . why NO HOOKS ? cause he wants YALL to focus on the verses more than the hooks ; now a days , its all about a hook , but this mixtape here nigga ? no hooks ; straight spit action . & i LOVE it , i adore it ; i appreciate it , i embrace it .
SO DO ME & HIM A FAVOR & D 0 W N L 0 A D !

;desean *

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E Dot DizZy said...

I Love it!! Thanks!