Monday, November 30, 2009

a little advice .

"a person can only be so close as you let em . "
-desean .
yes , i made this quote up . & if i didnt , sue me dog on it !
but anyway , i live by this quote almost everyday of my life .
seriously , like no lie . to me this quote means , u can be in a relatioship
or mess around with somebody for so long ; but i mean , that person only gone
let you come so close . why ? because nine out of 10 , they dont wanna get they
feelings too involved , so if it doesnt work out , or the road gets bumpy ; they can pull
out of the relationship before it gets too hectic .
so i mean , should u get mad at that person if he/she isnt givin it their ALL , or should you
just sit back & be like ; okay well , i can kinda understand as of why they're not giving it their all .
&maybe i should do the same . .
so if u ever feel like you're stuck in a bind , or u feel like the relationship is not going anywhere ; just remember this . .
"a person can only be so close as you let em . "
-desean .
_sincerely yours ,
desean : )

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