Sunday, November 8, 2009

ANOTHER Weekend .

Another day , another dollar .
Another weekend , another blog posting .

Bloggers , how you dewin ? [wendy williams voice]

hows it been ? great , good , delightful ? thats nice to know . so , to all my faithful followers , i know i havent been blogging =/ the reason as to why ? because of my little sister , the child is 11 & she just up & grab my laptop & get on it , &when i decide to get on it ; she's all , ima let you get on when i get bored with it =/ woman , its MY laptop ! But anyway , i just felt the need to let that out .

but anyway , the weekend went by fast as usual , & i was just chillin ; thinkin about deleting my myspace or whatever . but then i was like . . well , what ima do when i get bored ? so i just decide to keep it .

question: who really caters to their myspace pages anymore ? its either FACEBOOK or TWITTER these days .
&of course i have a twitter , facebook ? uhhhh . . i think thats more for a college student , because u know ; they can really network & meet other ppl , greeks , all that other college life material .

but as for me , i just stay on the blogging world & twitter scene .
checkin out my favorite blogs of all time .
so i think i should show the list .

i love these blogs ! its ilke the first thing i log on to soon as i get my laptop .
their blogs offer so much creativity . i can sit here & analyze each one ; but i rather yall just go visit each site . i promise u wont be dissappointed :)

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Harlem Missez said...

awwww...thanks mama! i appreciate that u enjoy my blog; lov urs too =]