Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my fellow followers , shall we ? no ?

hi !
bloggers & bloggetts !
soo .. just the other day i was on twitter , as usual ! [ twitter.com/kid_chan ] -- follow dhat ! & i seen a tweet dhat caught my eye dhat said : MOST bloggers usually blog about celebs . &dhat is very true . VERY true .
but since i plan on keepin this blogg for a LONG time . &i plan on startin doing pictures &other cute stuff , when i stop being lazyy [ugh] .
but anyway , i wanna TRY somethin new !
i want any&everybody to leave topics that u would want touched on , dhat u probably want from another person's perspective . so ! how bout we try it ?
leave comments ! hit me up via email : professa_girl@yahoo.com // or maybe even twitter ! twitter.com/kid_chan // or myspace : www.myspace.com/mz_west225 .
dont be scared ! im tryna do a little of EVERYthingg . so bare with me : )

&how can i forget ?
thanks to all our followers & people dhat are faithful !


Sheli said...

how do you get your updates in tto be on your blog? Ive been trying to do it for the longest

Jotwice said...

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