Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bow Wow ; Young Money . Say What ! ?

Okay , i don't have a picture or whatever . But i heard ; via blogs , such as MTO =/ that . . BOW WOW , was just signed to YOUNG MONEY . Okay ; STOP THE PRESS ! First of all ; didn't you say you were gonna give rapping up or whatever shit you was venting bout on twitter ? & Second of all , wasnt you dropped from Columbia Records . Third of yall , NIGGA YOU CANT RAP ! As we all KNOW , Young Money is full of talent ; although this talent doesn't get the spotlight it should get . . we all know whats up . Really & truly ; they must've felt sorry for the little bastard , cause i would too . But you know what ? We're gonna see how this shit plays out ; cause honestly , BOW WOW sucks ASS ! So i guess the little duo is back on the scene , OMARION & BOW WOW . Honestly ; what can Omarion contribute ? IF WE WANT A SINGER , We would simply call DRAKE or Nicki Minaj . OR just get wayne to vocalize on there just for a quick chorus , I THINK BOW WOW & OMARION JUST WANNA BE DOWN ! Call me a hater ; or whatever , IM JUST SAYING DAMN IT !


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Anonymous said...

I don’t know if I would go as far as to say Young Money is full of talent, but Bow Wow and Omarion don’t have anything good to contribute. Bow Wow needs to stick to twittering about nothing and Omarion needs to do whatever.