Friday, July 24, 2009

Kill The Visual Jesus !

so ; me & my friend sleepy were having a convo about her ;
& this is how it went :
sleepy: did u see solange new haircut ?
me: yeahhhh ! i wa gone blog about it . . buttt ; i didnt feel like it .
sleepy:her hair look like a dirty tennis ball .
-now bloggers ; i dont think this bald look is for everybody .
but it does look like a dirty tennis ball ; muahahaha !
rumor has it ; she wore a damn wig to her concert , trick wtf ! ?
please grow yo shit back ; u look sickly .
[smh] - leave it to AMBER , & RHiANNA !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL, a dirty tennis bal. aha that was bogue! but true.

I mean come on it has no product in it or anything. She need a line up on top of it already being a hotmess decision from the get go.

I;m not even tryin to hate though.