Wednesday, May 27, 2009

N.Y.G [NIGGA YOU GAY) - x// Video Response .

[looks & takes a sips of water & blinks TWICE)
to everybody out there saying he gay , i have NO words for this shxt .
just watch & enjoy i guess .
sidenote: that nigga was TOO into dhat shxt !

video response !

brian , i LOVE YOU !
if you ever see our blog , give us a shoutout .
i swear if this nigga had his own show , i'll be tuning in , ALL THE TIME !
re-runs & all .


Kim said...

i absolutely LOVE brian. Im kinda mad he's gay though...after watching the rest of his vids and reading b/w the lines i KNEW. but idc. gay/straight/whatever he's FUN-NI.
do you watch b.scott's vids? he's hilarious too.

AlexerLip22 said...

Yoo. i watched the Spectacular vid && sent it to all my gayy friends. && they was wildn. i think it was pretty funny. Den when i watched Brian's vid about it. I was most def. rolling. it was suppa funny. I think that was the funniest thang i saw all week. lol had my laugh of the day. lmao

--The Clutch and The Pen . said...

@ Kim Yes i watch B.Scotttttt !
& omg , i thought i was thee only person that was madd at the fact that he's gayy !
call me crazy , but i think he's sexy ! & ohh yeahh , is xavier his son ?