Friday, May 22, 2009

Album Review: How To Be A Lady Vol.1

first off., Rico...your a HATER LOL
Let me say that i now officially LOVE Electrik Red
The-Dream && Tricky really did a funky job on this album.
now i hear some people say that this album has a lot of tracks that sound similar thats beacause this album is solely done by 2 people as i just mentioned! BUT the tracks that have that different twanq are easily spottable...but too me the slower sonqs are the ones that sound alike.
Love the falsettos on 'Freaky Freaky'.....really feelin 'Bed Rest' cus the it sounds like a sample of 'If' by my fav miss jackson. the track 'On Point' has that Kelis vibe too it...which i LUV. 'P is for Power' has that ciara 'G is for Girl' feel to it...juss lacks that umph factor.
2 other stand-outs are the album's opener 'Muah' and 'Friend Lover'

Jeremee.,Randy.,Desean., CHECK IT OUT

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