Saturday, March 7, 2009

Album Review: Love vs. Money

This shit is purely classic. No other word to describe the best album of the year so far
....that is until Kid Cudi and Black Eyed Peas drop
but until then this will do just great.
THINK your favorite R.Kelly album on steroids. One of the tracks on the album Kelly's 12 Play Dream talks about sexin to the singers album. Besides the 2 singles Rockin' That Shit and My Love w/ Mariah., Yu should check out
*Walkin' on the Moon w/ KanYe West
*Put It Down
*Take U Home 2 My Mama
*Love vs. Money Part 1 and Part 2



ABC said...

Yeah, the whole album is on fire!

ABC said...

We need more artists like this -- singer, producer, and songwriter, hit-songwriter (might I add)!