Friday, December 4, 2009

me personally , i'm not . .

feeling the whole HYPE about the pleasure p & the whole child molestor thing .
i mean you see the blogs & all they gossip .
but sometimes you have to sit down & think , yes child molestation is a bad thing .
but whyy would you JUDGE somebody BEFORE you get the TRUTH ?
i mean seriously , me , im not gonna judge him ; or stop listenin to his music because some strange girl or woman came out the blue with some court papers & was like OH , PLEASURE P IS A CHILD MOLESTOR & BLAH BLAH BLAH .
i mean come on , fareal son ?
if he is a child molestor , why hasnt this already been said prior to him being in pretty ricky ?
why all of a sudden you come out saying he is because he's doing his own thing ,making hit records; going thru a divorce & doing good with his album ?
why wasnt this said prior to that ?
i think people need to sit down & analyze the situation before they pop off at the mouth .

but real talk, how do you feel about the situation ?

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