Thursday, February 26, 2009

Everyone Meet My Bestfriend <3

well , everyone ; meet my bestfriend Darius ; but i call him stank . i've known darius for about a year & some months now . i met him in the 9th grade , at the time he was in the 10th grade . . started out as a crush ; & now we're bestfriends . i never thought me & darius would end up this close . i mean , its been plenty of times where i wanted to give up . my mind told me give up ; but my heart told me no . i went from almost strongly disliking him , to giving him the world if i had to . he's such a strong minded person ; with great goals . & i support him 100 percent with anything he decides to do . alot of people don't understand what we have , or they don't understand how we get so close . shux ; half the time i don't understand . we may have our days where i might not wanna be bothered ; or he might be going through something and don't wanna tell me , & when that happens ; my mind start wondering . but at the end of the day ; i'm here for him . hmm ; what else can i say ? ohh yeahh , i always said i`ll give him the world ; i really would .
i'll have to think about it first , cuhz it might be one of them days ; lol . well , this is my stank . & i care for him alot . & i seriously doubt if any female can come between us .
signed ,
-- your stank ♥

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